January 1st, 2004


Obligatory New Years Post

Our planet has, once again, spun past our chosen line of solar demarcation. It seems like this year went by quickly and, indeed, it did. So a happy new year to everyone and good wishes to everyone.

So, what about resolutions? I didn't actually finish last year's resolution to cook with 26 new ingredients during 2003. I did get halfway there and found some interesting new recipes in the process.

Sure, there are good reasons why I didn't finish it. There was an extended period of unemployment which ruled out a number of pricier ingredients. I was also busy writing a book which I hadn't planned on last January. But all of these are, really, still excuses.

So the new resolution? Honestly, I don't think I should make a new resolution since I didn't finish my last one. So this year I'll attempt to finish up the remaining 13 ingredients (one per four weeks). Or write another book. Just no repeat of the unemployment thing, please.
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