January 12th, 2004


2004+ Prognostications

I'm in a random somewhat cynical mood (I know, not that unusual) and felt like offering some wild predictions for this new year of 2004 and beyond. I'm not saying these are things I'd support or favor, just some out-and-out guesses about our future; I'm also trying to keep them from getting Nostradamusy by being specific on details.

Think I'm way off? Has something happened I didn't hear about? Got your own areas to predict? Feel free to contribute your own or meme this on your journal, as you like. No flames, please.

Political: Bush defeats Dean. Collapse )

International: We partly withdraw from Iraq but maintain authoritative control. Osama uncaptured; Omar captured. Instability spreads in Africa; Korea policies stabilize.Collapse )

Space: Space shuttle flights resume although a date for obsolescence is discussed. Bush proposes moon base but it is without real funding or a firm timeline towards Mars.Collapse )

Biology: Genetically-modified pets become trendy. Gene therapy not available; gene testing widely available. Learning about learning.Collapse )

Technology and Media: Apple closes year well. Linux gains ground on MS; MS positions for long-term secure platform. MPAA wants to silence critics.Collapse )

Economics: Recovery falters after raise in interest rates; situation neutral at year's end. In California, Schwartzeneggar passes the bond measure allowing him to put together a budget; after much wrangling and alteration, it passes. Collapse )

Sports: People play games. One team wins.
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