January 17th, 2004

Sign: No Oxygen

Incredibly Strange Stuff

Now, my bovine brothers, sing the cow revolutionary song! C'mon, you know you want to.

Speaking of singing, you should know that Canada doesn't mind if you sing about your happy penis on the radio. Gotta love freedom of speech, eh? Wish we had that relaxed attitude down here in the US. Almost as good, though, was this morning's Wait Wait show on NPR where Roy Blount said "I'm wearing my rat panties!"1 after general joshing about "funky rat pants". No, really!

Speaking of rats, what about that upcoming US Election? Would you rather votify for George "Dubya" Bush or a giant carrot2? I know, it's a tough call...

1 Link corrected. It's near the end of the segment.
2 If only the carrot had a better costume...
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