April 2nd, 2004

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Fursuiting Book: The galleys start going through the first major proofing round this Sunday. We're also looking at a number of new photos we want to fit in as additional examples and references. Much attending to details, basically.

Rallye: This Saturday, we'll be going to another car rallye. This one's a puzzle rallye whose theme is Clue, so that should be lots of fun.

Quizzage: Took the latest Quizilla grammar quiz and confirmed that I'm my mother's son... She was an english teacher, you see. :)
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Rodentia: Scientists have mapped the rat genome. This is the third animal to be mapped, after humans and mice.

Misc: Work and long commutes have been keeping me busy when I'm not working on other projects. So the lack of posts from my direction is really due to a lack of interesting things to post about. Hopefully things will settle down in a couple of weeks and I'll have time to write more interesting items.
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