April 29th, 2004

Chef Bender

Iron Chef America

Thanks to a little tape-delay via 3catsjackson's Tivo, I was able to watch Iron Chef America.

And, despite my hesitancy, it was pretty darn good! They've kept the structure and seriousness (towards the cooking) of the original. Plus they got Alton Brown of Good Eats fame as the commentator! I'm definitely an Alton fan (and he knows what he's talking about) so that really convinced me.

Kitchen Stadium looks fantastic. I was drooling at the wonderful cookware and appliances they got. Wow. Wish I had those... Plus a kitchen large enough for them... Plus a souschef.

The new chairman is, well, okay. He is not going for the flamboyant route taken by Kaga. This is probably just as well, as no one could live up to Kaga! Instead, he's a bit more aloof and businesslike, with the stillness of a master; perhaps it will work.

But the best thing, in the words of MST3K: "No Shatner! We're safe!"

(If you didn't know, he hosted the brief Iron Chef USA special that flopped. The challenger chef on IC-USA, Kerry Simon, actually appears as a judge on IC America.)
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