May 20th, 2004


Past, Present, and Future Updates

This past weekend, agentmiss came down to visit. We had fun and did the normal tour o' restaurants. On Saturday, we saw Great Big Sea in concert; they make for an excellent live show. This was at the Fillmore in SF. The crowd was pretty good: enthusiastic but not overly large for the venue.

This week has been a standard work slog. The commute still sucks. I'm taking a few minutes break from work to write this entry because my brain is fried. I've solved the interesting bug of the day so the remainder will be boring tests and debugging.

This coming weekend will be spent on shopping and preparation for Memorial Day weekend. The Chez Lunatiques crowd will be driving up to Oregon for Egil's, an SCA weekend event. I'm not normally too into the SCA stuff (though the other family members are), but this event sounds like it's fun and relaxed versus the typical ren faire gouge-a-thon.

So this coming weekend will be spent acquiring some camping supplies and materials. I'll then be sewing up some simple tunics, cloaks, and garb for the weekend. Neither 3catsjackson nor myself really own much period apparel, so it'll be a race to see how much simple clothing I can turn out in a weekend plus scattered weeknights.
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