October 21st, 2004


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We all know that the election is going to be close. With international opinion wavering, Bush is looking for shows of support. But does Bush have an ace up his sleeve? I did predict we'd see a high-level Al Qaeda capture just before the election... Will it swing the vote? Or am I getting too paranoid?

Poll #370430 October Surprise?

What are the chances Osama be "captured" before the election?

0% : Don't fall for paranoia and rumors!
1-20% : Barely credible, but it just might happen by some means
20-50% : They may know where he is, but effecting a capture (and PR) would be tricky
50-80% : Entirely possible, given how much effort Bush et al can throw at it
80-99% : They know where he is, it's just a matter of maneuvering and negotiations
100% : Karl Rove is the puppetmaster!
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