November 5th, 2004


Required Political Followup Post

A lot of people have talked about moving to Canada. I can certainly sympathize. I was bitterly disappointed that Gee Dubya won, though I recognized that it was certainly a possibility (about 50%, in fact) all along. But I held out hope. Inevitably, there are also the niggling questions and concerns about the voting process...

More than anything, though, I am disappointed that 11 out of 11 states passed anti-gay marriage constitutional amendments. Although not gay (and with the marriage certificate to prove it), I certainly stand up for their rights to equal protection under the law. Denying them these rights, which really does not "threaten traditional marriage" in any way IMHO, is reprehensible. I don't wonder why a gay exodus to Canada is starting, having just heard 70% (on average) of your population telling you that your lifestyle choice is basically illegal.

Best of luck to those that go and those that stay.
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