November 27th, 2004


User Icon Feedback

It's the Rate the Icons game!

I'm curious about what readers think of my account icons. So I've set up a poll to allow you to rate some of them. I've been working on adding and removing icons and wanted to get a better sense of what people liked.

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Icon Comments and Questions

I just put up a poll on my icons.

If you have other questions about any of my accont icons ("Where'd you get that?"), suggestions ("Dude, get a pr0n icon!"), or requests ("No more animated GIF icons, dammit."), please comment here. The poll entry only showed about half of the icons, after all.

Also, some new icons:

(L to R: For FC posts, since the theme is Egyptian furries; a rat-themed icon for when I'm sick; the device I'm registering with the SCA)

Just trying to gather feedback from readers. Since this is a public journal, I do try to take your opinions into account. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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