December 23rd, 2004


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So, kit_ping and I are currently stuck in the Denver airport. We were on our way home from a perfectly pleasant vacation (which I'll talk about in a future post). At the moment, though, all of the accumulated cheer is being sucked away by the vampiric airline forces...

We were supposed to get a connecting flight to portland at 5:15 or so. There was only about a half-hour layover, something which was suspect when we originally purchased the tickets. But the booking agent assured us that this was common and certainly not a problem... So our first flight was delayed, the second flight left on time, and we're in Denver looking at a board of sold-out Portland flights. We have one chance to make it out of here tonight before we have to look for hotels. And all of tomorrow's flights are booked solid, too.

This is gonna suck. Correction: this does suck.


Suckage factor increasing, captain!

We've missed all flights out. The airport is pretty much closed. We have confirmed seats on a flight to San Francisco (ahh, the irony) followed by a connection to Seattle! Portland was out of the question. We leave here tomorrow at 6 in the freakin' morning, so I'm basically assured of getting almost no sleep and being sick as a dog. (Apologies to my canid friends for the turn of phrase.) We're currently trying to find a hotel. Which, of course, the airline is not paying for.
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