January 1st, 2005

Chef Bender


We're having some friends over for dinner tonight which is, at Chez Lunatiques, an excuse to go into a cooking frenzy. Here's something new I tried. It's a kiwi tart (kiwis are a new cooking ingredient for me, if you remember the old New Years Resolution challenge I set myself) with raspberries and a mango glaze.

It's built on a base of pastry cream (creme patisierre, to be all accent-less Frenchy about it). That was prepared on the stovetop with just a little cornstarch as a thickener. Put that in the pie crust (the only pre-made bit), covered with an array of kiwi slices, dotted with raspberries, and then hit with the glaze (melt preserves in a small saucepan with a tbsp of corn syrup).

Haven't tried it yet (obviously), but I think it will qualify for yummy status. :D

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