January 9th, 2005

FC 2005 (Anubis)

Further Confusion is Coming!

Further Confusion lumbers into view, as I desperately try to prepare everything in time... I'm fursuit track lead (my ever-capable second is uckticoonox), as well as running Iron Artist, improv, and other things... So, one at a time:

Iron Artist V

We are preparing to again search out furry artists capable of challenging our reigning Iron Artists! The returning artists, Marci McAdam, electricgecko(Ocelot), and the_gneech are a formidable bunch, though.

Chairman Seurat has selected a most delightful theme. It should be more managable and fun than last year's balloons... Though still not too easy for the artists. :) Anyone interested in signing up? I've just printed a bunch of signup forms and I'd hate for them to go to waste...

BTW, higginsdragon, I haven't heard back from you, yet. Will you be there to help out? We still need another judge (hint hint).

Fursuit Track

The fursuit track is packed with panels. We've got a lot of very talented costumers coming who have agreed to share their time and knowledge with everyone.

After much turmoil and shuffling, it does look like the event schedule has finally settled into place. (My sanity appreciates it.)

Critter Costuming Book

I'll be there with finished copies of my book. I'll be selling copies directly (and signing, if you like). There will also be some in the Dealers' Room on a friend's table. The con price is $30, which is still cheaper than Amazon.

Improv Workshop

The late-night improv workshop tradition continues. Will Nico lose his voice? Will Trey get hyped up on caffeine? Will Croc have his fantasy baseball mocked? Will we have fun long after we should've really gone to bed? You'll have to come and see!

The workshop has limited space. (Unfortunately. It's popular, the room is small, and there's only so many people we can handle.) Look for the signup sheet at the Information Desk (in the lobby near Registration). C'mon out and have some silly fun.

Friends of all stripes, spots, and coats

I know that this is the weekend where I have a chance to actually see furry friends from out of town. I also know that I usually end up running around the con going squeaking insane.

So if you do see me, and I'm not desperately rushing somewhere, do grab me and say hello! While I do enjoy running events (in that masochistic sort of way), I do also really like to talk with friends.

...four days and counting...
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