January 18th, 2005

FC 2005 (Anubis)


Further Confusion is like an enormous cruise ship, isolated from the world and filled with partygoers. And I feel like an oblivious sea bass that got sucked through the propeller.

Wow, what a great con! It'll be a few days before I can catch up on sleep and begin to think normally again.

Quite a lot of fun events. The Fursuit Track events seemed to all run surprisingly smoothly. Does advance planning really pay off? Or did I just get darn lucky? Thanks again to the great panelists (particularly those I put on three or four panels). Definitely need to revisit some of those topics. (The Molding and Casting panel, for instance, was trying to fit about three hours of material, demos, and slides into an hour.) The comments I got from attendees and the staff indicate that it made a pretty solid set of events.

Iron Artist V was a blast. Other than some difficulties locating one of our Iron Artists (though a helpful and talented Herbie was standing by as a last-minute substitute). The theme seemed well-received and left room for the artists to interpret it in different ways. One of the scores was so close we had to discuss and check it twice; the Iron Artist Cute managed to retain her title by one single point.

The annual Improv Workshop went pretty well, too. That's the other recurring event that I'm respondible for, though I lean heavily on the assistance of Trey and Croc for both -- thanks guys. We had fun late into the night. We tried some new things this year, some of which worked; we also collected some feedback from the participants and will tune it again for next year. (Also, for the record, that was the most energetic group ever! And there were no dud players, either. Some weak ones, yes, but sincere and energetic, so that's cool.)

I also had fun hanging out with bunches of people, chatting a bit, or even saying "Hi!" in passing to friends. I am NOT going to attempt to list everyone by name in this entry. You know who you are! I didn't have as much time to socialize, because of my events duties, but I did hang out at a lot of fursuiting panels. :)

Speaking of, my fursuiting book sold rather well. Between myself, selling out of my bag, and Davina, manning the dealer's table, we sold over 50 copies! That's far more than I ever expected. People are really positive about it, though, saying it's basically the fursuiter's textbook. In all honesty, I am very flattered at how well it has been received. A sincere thanks to everyone involved and everyone who bought a copy.

So, even having said all that, there's so much more... The first-ever rodent panel. (There were, if I counted right, five rats at FC, which is a new record!) Genevive breaking up into giggles. Media issues. The case of the midnight elevator plants. Not getting to the art show at all. Granola breakfasts...

It's all part of that wonderful swirl that is FC. See you there next year! Squeak! :>

[edit] P.S. Thanks to Michelle for cat-sitting!
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