February 2nd, 2005


MSTie Answers

For the previously posted quiz, I think only two were not identified:

12. "You know, if you saw my leather lace-up boots, I'd have to kill you."
Time of the Apes (aside between Joel and Servo in the theater)

15. "Ah, Mister Jesus, you have a nasty habit of surviving..."
Code Name: Diamond Head (said by the villain masquerading as a priest)

A Religious Question

This is an honest question, NOT a troll. I really don't understand this one.

I heard the other day, in a news report about the Pope's recent health problems, that local faithfuls at a church were praying for him to get better. Not just praying "for him", but specifically "for his recovery".

If you believe in predestination or that God has "a plan" for our lives, is there a purpose in praying for his recovery? It would seem that this was either an exercise in futility or hubris, since God has already determined when the Pope should die.

Can someone out there enlighten me on the issues? Is my supposition incorrect?
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