February 8th, 2005

Homestar: Cool

I can name that song in 4 lines... Name That Song!

So, after a bit of encouragement, I decided to add the "Identify the Lyrics" meme to my string of recent fluffy posts. This one was a bit tricky for me, as about half of my music collection is techno with no words.

Housemates kit_ping and 3catsjackson probably can guess many of these as they hear more of my music than they'd like. So, you two, post numbers of ones you recognize but no names, just to give others a chance.

I dug a bit and found some ecclectic songs that should be challenging. All of these are songs I've listened to at work in the past week, even. Since a lot of music I listen to has really odd "lyrics", I divided things into two categories:

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and also
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Bonus round:
To make a furry's easy / Anyone can do it
You take your favorite animal and mix a human through it
You modify the product / Is it really cartoony?
Is it two legs or four? / Is it straight? Is it looney?
"The Furry Song [2004 Mixdown]" by kurrelraven (xydexx)

If you recognize a song, post the title and band/group/source.
Now accepting guesses... Anyone?... crocodile, I at least expect you to take a shot at it... :)
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