March 25th, 2005


Vacation time! (As soon as the laundry is done.)

Well, a much anticipated "weekend away" for Kit and myself has, at last, arrived. We're packed (except for a few random items being washed) and ready to go (very much so).

We'll be heading to a nice little B&B on the northern California coast. It was the one we stayed at when we went up to foobart and qatar's wedding, in fact. It sits on a cliff overlooking the surf.

In unrelated news, after reading a question about fursuits in dreams from coongt, I actually had one last night! This is unusual for me, as I only rarely remember my dreams (dang it!) and they don't often involve fursuits.

If you know what Live-Action Roleplaying is, this was a live-action Toon game, complete with giant foam mallet. Let me tell you, diving headfirst down a rabbit hole in costume is hard, too.
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