May 12th, 2005


Three Decades in the Making...

Well, as of today, I'm 30 years old. Dang! Still seems odd.

I was talking to my dad recently, who's more experienced in the matter of aging, and he said that as I grow older I can expect to repeat myself in conversations, lose some of my hearing, be more cynical, find it harder to remember names and dates, and repeat myself. Considering where I am now on all of these scores, I really worry about what I'll be like at 60...

Looking back, when I was born, computers were still mostly mainframes. The first commercial computer network was created that year.

I've been programming computers for about two-thirds of my life.

I've been involved in furry fandom for a full third of my life.

I've been married for about one seventh of my life.

I've been on LiveJournal for about one twelfth of my life.

I've been working on this post for about 0.0000887% of my life.
Boo: Trust Me

Thanks, My Friends!

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes!

I spent the evening with kit_ping and 3catsjackson by going out to a very nice chinese restaurant for dinner. It was wonderful and semi-exotic fare that left all of us full and satisfied. A good meal and friends is the best way to celebrate, I think.

And, just to commemorate my passing another temporal milestone, here's an excerpt that I just managed to locate. It's from the poem "Rooms" by Billy Collins:

And maybe under the fallen wayside leaves
There is hidden a nest of mice,
Each one no bigger than a thumb,
A thumb with closed eyes,
A thumb with whiskers and a tail,
Each one contemplating the sweetness of grass
And the startling brevity of life.
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