May 16th, 2005



I've finally decided to switch from Opera to Firefox.

Firefox offered some compelling features, besides slightly more robustness (but slightly less zippiness) than Opera. (And both with better security than IE.) Firefox is also starting to get some nifty plug-in extensions.

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Here's a tip if, like me, you prefer every page be tabs within one application window:
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The other interesting thing that's come out recently is the Greasemonkey plugin. This one's intersting since it allows you to do Collapse )

The one thing that Firefox does NOT have which I really miss from Opera:

Tab bar stacked vertically. Opera lets you put the tab bar down the right edge of the app window. Since tabs are text labels, this is a much more efficient use of screen real estate -- I regularly browse with around 30 tabs open.

If anyone knows of a plugin or way to do this in Firefox, please let me know! Thanks. :)
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