May 22nd, 2005


Hike, hike, hike

agentmiss, kit_ping's sister, is down here visiting for a week. Today, along with 3catsjackson, we decided to do a little hiking.

I should mention that we've been trying to do some longer hikes recently. Today, we really pushed it. It was an 8 mile hike.

That, by itself, doesn't sound too bad. But this was up in the Oakland hills, where it can be both steep and hot. We went up a peak on a trail that hit, in places, a 45-degree slope. (Inevitably the patches with no shade cover.)

So, for us, that's a challenging hike. I certainly think it's respectable, on the hike difficulty scale. I was feeling good until the times I also noticed joggers passing us on the same trail...

P.S. On the subject of the IMPS Star Wars film, they evidently switched to a bittorrent for downloading. There's also productions stills, including one with me (I'm the last officer on the right). And I am officially in the credits, which was kind of them, given my very limited screen time. :)
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