June 15th, 2005


Musical Notes

One of my favorite pieces of classical music is Beethoven's Ninth, the "Ode to Joy". I think that this is the greatest piece of music ever written. Every time I hear it, I am moved.

At work, I have expensive padded headphones for maximum fidelity. But the Ode to Joy cannot be easily reproduced. It's one of those pieces of music that deserves to be big. I love to hear it on speakers (or live!), where the orchestra and chorus can roll over you like a wave, a glorious torrent of sound and emotion.

I like to listen to it so loud that it's deafening.

Extra Musical Humor Bonus: 10,000 Statistically Average Fake Band Names. Now you can choose your mediocre musical group's title without any thought. My pick: "Sardine Euphoria"
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    Beethoven - Ninth Symphony, IV. Presto