July 18th, 2005

Cy Coon: Front

Ahh, Berkeley!

So a group of us were driving through Berkeley last night, coming back from a movie. (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, again. Wonka is just so freakin' lovably psychotic!)

Stopped a signal and looked over to notice that, in the knot of people waiting for the crosswalk light, there was someone in a dog fursuit on a skateboard. Now, it was a simple fursuit -- just a jumpsuit with tail, hood, and a fabric muzzle. But it was clearly someone being a dog on a skateboard.

We all (being a car full of furries) gave him thumbs up and big grins. The rest of the people around him weren't even taking notice. Maybe this was the guy's normal night out?

Ahhhh, Berkeley. Gotta love that town! :>