August 25th, 2005

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Movies, DVDs, and Studios

From Slashdot, a link to a NYT Times article (BugMeNot for login):

Summer Fading, Hollywood Sees Fizzle
An article about the downturn in movie attendance that actually hits at the true cause of the trend: better DVD and home systems coupled with worse movies. The previously-popular scapegoat of "fileswappers and pirates" is nowhere to be seen. Instead, it sounds like the movie studios are realizing the seriousness of the situation (and that they've been producing a lot of crap).

Also, some surprisingly anti-theater comments from Disney's Iger, suggesting that DVDs be released coincidentally with theater releases. (Personally, I'd be happy if they abandoned the lame region codes. I don't find waiting for a DVD release to be that bad, especially if they use the time to add extra features.)

Mac Word Processors?

I'm still somewhat new to the Mac thing. I've used them here and there, but this one is going to become my work machine. So, looking to the voices of experience...

What's a good word processor for Mac? Something for Serious Writing (tm). But I don't need a lot of "presentation" features or something trying to be DTP (i.e. Word). What are some good options? Any freeware ones that are worthwhile?

(Hmmm... I'm going to need a "writing" LJ icon, methinks...)
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