October 12th, 2005

Homestar: Cool

Strange News

Sure, there are some big bridges out there, but how many bridges carry a river across a river?1

Do you know any scuba diving rats? Because the underwater cheddar is missing!

But there's still plenty to eat. The world's largest cinnamon roll has been created as part of a charity event.

The 80's: What were we thinking?!? It's TV commercial flashback time, kids. [Caution: loud video link may bust your crank.]

Also, the Smurfs were victims of an air raid recently by UNICEF. Hey, I've got that lame song stuck in my head before and cursed their blue behinds, but really...

Thanks to prguitarman for the commercial link.
Thanks to many friends (wolfstoy most recently) for the Smurfs link.
1 Okay, "canal", technically. Poetic license!
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