November 28th, 2005


Random Updates

I've not been reading much LJ due to my push to win NaNoWriMo. It's looking pretty good (45.5K words right now with 3 writing evenings left). But I had to take a break and share some odd news stories with everyone. These are the sort about which my wife and I always say, "Yep, that'll be on Wait Wait this week!"

Seattle Monorail Trains Stuck Together
Evidently, they built the tracks too close together. This was not a read-end collision but a sideswipe!

Scientist Wants to Make 'Body Farm'
Testing how people decompose... Sign me up (after I'm dead). I always was a staunch empiricist!

Girl with Peanut Allergies Dies From Kiss
Sounds kinda like an urban legend type of story but they provided a lot of specific details. How tragic!

Former Canadian Minister Calls for Talks on Extraterrestrial Politics
Because the aliens are here and we need to bring exopolitics into the public sphere. Aren't Canadians great? Their politicians are way more interesting than ours!