January 9th, 2006

Rat: Inflatable

Rats in the News

This morning at the coffee shop, I saw a rat story headlining the newspaper. Okay, so it was the local Berkeley Daily Planet, but still! It was about a union standoff that used one of the inflatable rats that I reported about; it was viciously slashed and left crumpled on the sidewalk. Sadly, the online version lacks the photos of the semi-deflated rat.

A cool thing is that the article notes that locals have come to like having a giant rat in their neighborhood: “People have developed a lot of affection for the rat,” Parker said. “I’ve seen parents bring their children by and lift them up so they can shake his hands. There were even carolers singing around him at Christmas.”

Rodent Panel

I was asked to host the rodent panel at FC (Less than two weeks away! Yipe!). Last year, harlequeen was kind enough to assist and provide the squirrel point of view. I hope to see him again as well as all my rodent and rodent-friendly friends!