January 26th, 2006

Chef Bender

Food Experimentation

Ganked from rosequoll, 'cause this is too good not to meme! (The article is nifty, linking to descriptions... which helped me a lot on #11.)

From this article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/tv_and_radio/50eats_index.shtml
The BBC asked people to vote for the top 50 things everyone should try a bite of in their lifetime.
Bold the ones you've eaten. (even a bite counts)

The Top 50 Foods to Try
1. Fresh fish
2. Lobster
3. Steak
4. Thai food
5. Chinese food
6. Ice cream
7. Pizza
8. Crab
9. Curry
10. Prawns

11. Moreton Bay Bugs (Had never heard of them 'til now!)
12. Clam chowder
13. Barbecues
14. Pancakes
15. Pasta
16. Mussels
(Yummmm... I can go through bowls of 'em!)
17. Cheesecake
18. Lamb
19. Cream tea
20. Alligator
21. Oysters

22. Kangaroo (Would like to, but like #11, it's not readily available where I live.)
23. Chocolate
24. Sandwiches
25. Greek food
26. Burgers
27. Mexican food
28. Squid
29. American diner breakfast
(We've got a local one that does a great, classic diner breakfast.)
30. Salmon
31. Venison

32. Guinea pig (Never heard of anyone eating them... Interesting!)
33. Shark
34. Sushi
35. Paella

36. Barramundi (Another Australian-specific one? Did the Aussies stuff the ballot box? ;)
37. Reindeer (I've had venison but I don't think that I've had reindeer)
38. Kebab
39. Scallops
40. Australian meat pie
(Had one outside of Australia, but it looks like the same thing.)
41. Mango
42. Durian fruit (Durian beat out Lychee? Whassup with that?)
43. Octopus (Mmmmm tako. About the only sushi I like!)
44. Ribs
45. Roast beef
46. Tapas
47. Jerk chicken/pork

48. Haggis (Ummmm. Nope. There are enough haggis fans to get this on the Top 50 list?!)
49. Caviar
50. Cornish Pasty
(Genuinely in England at the time, too.)

That's, what, 43/50? Not bad! Of the ones I haven't tried, THREE are Australian and I've not seen them offered over here.

Haggis is the only untried food that I wouldn't go for. (...Well, maybe one bite. On a dare.)