January 27th, 2006


Space Anniversaries

In memory of those who worked on the frontiers of humankind.

Apollo 1 - Jan 27, 1967
White, Grissom, Chaffee

Challenger - Jan 28, 1986
Scobee, Smith, Resnik, McAuliffe, Onizuka, McNair, Jarvis

Columbia - Feb 1, 2003
Husband, McCool, Chawla, Clark, Anderson, Brown, Ramon

What we can learn:

(1) Working at the forefront of humanity's reach is dangerous and we will lose lives to seen and unseen risks
(2) Details matter
(3) Enthusiasm and luck are no substitute for safety and consistency
(4) Do not volunteer to fly into space in late January around 2022-2026
(5) Humanity must explore