January 29th, 2006

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Rodent Quiz

Here's the quiz I passed out at FC's Rodent Panel:

Sure, you know your species, but how about the other two thousand or so rodents? Which of the following are genuine members of the order rodentia? Record whether each is a rodent (yes/no) by commenting on this entry (or just using a scrap of paper). The next entry in my journal will be the answers.

1. Flying Squirrel
2. Beaver
3. Marmot
4. Anteater
5. Nutria / Coypu
6. Porcupine
7. Capybara
8. Skunk
9. Vole
10. Mongoose
11. Lemming
12. Pika
13. Cavy
14. Meerkat
15. Shrew
16. Muskrat
17. Pine Marten
18. Chinchilla

A score of 10 or more qualifies you as a knowledable honorary rodent. The top score at the panel, IIRC, was 16/18. Good luck!