February 15th, 2006

Homestar: Cool

Rats in the News (and Other Stories)

Rats Learn While Resting - The brain appears to learn by replaying neuron signals during rest periods after an activity. This may explain why breaks are useful when learning some new task. The weird bit? The brain replays the neural activity in reverse!

Everyone Enjoys a Good Rat - It's a culinary article. You can pretty much infer the rest. But in Cambodia, rat meet is appreciated as being both tasty and nutritious; it's popularity has been increasing in recent years.


Top 10 Sci-Fi Films That Never Were - Interesting look at failures in the sci-fi genre. I don't agree with all of the analysis (I thought the Hitchhiker's Guide movie was a pretty decent interpretation) but it's a fun read.

Interview with Eckert - One of the co-creators of the ENIAC and modern computing. It's important to remember that ENIAC was more than a calculator; it was the first programmable electronic computer. Fascinating stuff!