June 5th, 2006

Splinter: Sensei

Word Puzzles

This is based on the NPR Sunday Puzzler from a week or so ago. I took it a step further, to really strain your word-wrangling skills.

Below are pairs of words. For each word, change one letter to any other letter. The resultant new words are synonyms (or nearly so). What are the new pairs of words?

Example: "shim, then" becomes "slim, thin"

  1. woolen, limbered
  2. coax, fame
  3. mullion, golf
  4. deduce, lesson
  5. switch, simple
  6. burst, charmed
  7. crowned, rustling
  8. tough, blanch
  9. massive, massage
  10. hero, pull
  11. rusted, tasty
  12. hammer, inhabit

Word sets are roughly ordered by difficulty, though I have a hard time judging how tricky these will be. Have fun!

EDIT: I'll post a list of answers tomorrow, behind a cut tag. No need to post your answers here -- I trust ya.
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