June 20th, 2006

Rat: Injection

Medical Code Preparedness!

Should you suffer from injury and need medical attention, domestically or while traveling abroad, please be prepared to provide the appropriate International Classification of Disease (ICD) code. This will surely help emergency personnel and allow the government to properly log your unfortunate circumstances.

The following handy codes are part of the new ICD v10 for 2006:

  • T54.2 - Acid burns
  • T81.5 - Foreign object left in body after surgery
  • S18 - Decapitation
  • T41.5 - Poisoning by Oxygen
  • W41 - Exposure to high-pressure hydraulic jet
  • T70.4 - Traumatic injection of high-pressure fluid jet (follows from the previous)
  • T67.0 - Heatstroke (memorize this one, fursuiters!)
  • V97.3 - Sucked into jet engine
  • W22 - Walked into wall (One I should learn...)
  • V95.4 - Spacecraft accident
  • W13 - Fall from flagpole
  • W45 - Splinter
  • W53 - Bitten by rat (We get our own category!)
  • X32 - Exposure to sunlight (Special code for vampires)

Please print out a pocket refernece of these codes and keep them with you at all times! Then it's just a quick glance at your handy card (except in cases of S18).