August 6th, 2006

Rat: Inflatable

The Hands Acquire Stains; the Stains Become a Warning

Some news from the home front.

We finally had some time this weekend to do work around the house. I built a riser shelf for our ever-increasing DVD collection. This means we can have two rows along the top of the entertainment center and the back row will be perched up and visible.

It's a pretty simple project but it went together without any major problems or injuries. This is dangerous. This encourages the small portion of the brain known as the Handyman Lobe. It's a section of the brain -- often more pronounced in guys but I've known many girls with enlarged Handyman Lobes -- that secretly believes that you could assemble a house from raw lumber.

Then the shelf was stained, along with our front door. You see, we've (that would be my wife, Trey our mortgage-in-law, and I) decided to finally get the house properly painted. Given the age of our house, this means lead removal, wood treatment, and a number of other complicated (i.e. expensive) procedures. So we (that would be my wife and I) decided to stain our front door. Trey's door, downstairs, is already a dark wood color. Ours has been a blond natural wood since we moved in.

So I've got spots of stain up my hands and wrists, mingling with my natural freckles. On the plus side, the door looks a lot nicer stained. Once the house is painted, I think it'll look really sharp.
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