January 2nd, 2007

Rat: Party Hat

Rambling Recap for the New Year

I had a pretty good holiday break, if you ignore the horrible cold that caused me to lose my voice for two days. That wasn't fun. I got to play the Ghost of Christmas Illness. My nose is finally clearing, now.

But it was nice seeing family up in Oregon. Also got to visit a bit with Twig and Rummy, which was cool.

Got a bunch of my favorite types of presents: books and sweaters. Yay!

Reread my Icon novel manuscript (not this year's novel) and am now in the serious editing pass. Having come back to it after a break of a few months, it was interesting to see it again. I learned a lot about the pacing of my writing as it reads versus how it felt when I wrote it. The characterizations are still very broad and clunky. But I still like the story, setting, and themes, so I'm excited about really cleaning this one up and exploring publishing options.

I don't yet know whether it'll get shorter or longer during this editing pass. I expect a slight expansion, perhaps putting the finished manuscript at around 120K words. (Or should that be written like computer abbreviations, "120Kw"... That looks like kilowatts. Dang.)

Rang in the new year with my wife and enjoyed a relaxing evening with Trey. And that about brings things up to date.