January 4th, 2007

FC 07 - Rat Agent

FC Approaches

FC '007 is getting far too close... There's still so much I need to do!

This year, by choice, I'm only-slightly-on-staff. I'll be helping out with:

Iron Artist -- Another year, another oddball medium. Remember, anyone can sign up to compete! Chairman Seurat thanks you.

Improv Workshop -- We've got one of the function rooms late on Sunday for a bit of improv mischief. Look for a signup sheet at the Info Desk.

Fursuit Panels -- I'll probably be helping out with two fursuit-related panels. I always enjoy talking about fursuit stuff.

What this also means is that, hopefully, I'll have time to simply hang out with people. I'm usually too rushed at FC to actually talk to my friends. So if you see me around the con, do feel free to grab me for some friendly rat chat.