January 5th, 2007

FC 07 - Rat Agent

Iron Artist Mini-Update

After my last FC post, there was a bit of communication confusion. That's all been sorted out and, AFAIK, everything is on track. (Thanks Aaron and Dia for your help on that.)

Met with Higgins last night so we could put our heads together and make sure that our media choice will work. I thought there might be logistical trouble renting six leafblowers, but we sorted it out. We shouldn't need our backup idea, so I can finally get rid of all the butter I've been saving in my freezer.

It should be a fun show this year!
FC 07 - Rat Agent

Iron Artist History

It is almost time for the annual event where, summoned by Chairman Seurat, the great artists of furry fandom gather together in a competition that will decide who gets the title of
"Iron Artist"

This year marks our seventh event at Further Confusion. I, commentator and secretary to the Chairman, have been busy with preparations. But it's always good to pause at this time and look back...

Rules and signup forms will be at the Info Desk, near the registration area. Any and all FC attendees are welcome to sign up as Iron Artist Challengers! Previous participation in the event does not bar you from signing up again. One of the highlights of the event is the drawing of random competitors to have an artistic showdown onstage. We will also be drawing someone to be one of the judges for the event.

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