May 10th, 2007

Rat: Injection

Going with Plan B

So the plan was that Timothy would wait until Kit could move up to Washington. Kids just won't listen...

Kit's water broke last night, exactly a full month prior to her due date. I made a mad scramble to SEA-TAC to find there were no flights until today.

She's currently in the hospital and I arrived this morning. No major events yet. We're having labor induced, so we expect there'll be news later tonight or early tomorrow. The hospital doesn't have wifi, but I'll post updates when I can.

Birthing Bulletin

Kit's doing well so far. She really began feeling those contractions this afternoon, in response to the Pitosin (synthetic hormone to induce labor). They're slacking off on that and providing her some painkiller in the hopes that she can get some sleep tonight and be rested for tomorrow, when we expect actual delivery to happen.

I'm at home for the night, also trying to get some sleep.

And special thanks to 3catsjackson, who actually got Kit to the hospital, got me from the airport to the hospital, and has generally been exceedingly super helpful.

Thank you all for the good wishes! I'll post more news when I can.