May 14th, 2007


Timothy Update

Timothy is still in the NICU and likely will be there for at least another week. Kit and I are sorta camping out at the hospital during the days.

They've changed him over to a different ventilator that doesn't do big in-out respiration motions. Instead, it does a rapid series of O2 puffs. This means that his lungs can breathe very shallowly, minimizing the stretching of the lungs, allowing them to better grow and heal. He's responding well to the treatment but it'll take time for his body to catch up.

It's a bit odd to see him lying there. His chest is flutters slightly as the air is blown in and out. But he only makes slight breathing motions on his own, as he's sedated while he's on the ventilator. It makes it very emotionally difficult to watch him.

He is in a top-rated children's hospital and they're giving him the best care. It'll just take time... while I can't do anything to help him along.

I'll post another update when his situation changes (rather than keep up daily bulletins).