June 8th, 2007

Sy Liebergot

Shuttle Atlantis Prepared for Launch

Space Shuttle Atlantis is on the pad and preparing for a launch today around 4:38pm PST.

No problems thus far; it sounds like it's been a smooth countdown. The clock just came out of the T-3h hold and the astronauts are on their way out to the pad.

Godspeed Atlantis.
Sy Liebergot

Successful Shuttle Launch

Atlantis STS-117 just had engine cutoff and is in orbit.

An absolutely beautiful launch! No technical issues, no unexpected holds. The biggest problem was fog in Zaragoza, Spain. (That's one of the trans-Atlantic abort sites in case of emergency, in case you're wondering why NASA cares about fog in Spain.) Well done to the whole team.
Rat: Inflatable


He's discharged from the hospital and doing wonderfully (as long as you don't count the lack-of-sleep thing that's normal for babies). Kit's with him and staying at my folks' house. They're nice enough to provide a hand with everything. It'll probably be another week or so before Kit and Tim travel up to Seattle.

I definitely like my new home town. I haven't had a chance to do a lot of exploring but it looks good so far. The area's pretty and the people are nice. Plus, the traffic's not quite as insane as the bay area. But that's not as much of an issue, as I take the bus to work.

The Bus:
There's a bus route that runs from a park & ride near my apartment almost directly to the building downtown where I work. Very convenient. What I didn't realize until I started taking the bus was how much iPods (and I use the term generically) have changed the world. Between a third and a half of the riders have them, including me. I also get a bit of time to sit back or do other things, like edit my novel manuscript.

My Novel:
The big ol' editing pass is nearing the finish. I've gotten 80% of the way through the book and hope to finish up this weekend. This is on-paper scribbling; so I still need to go through and apply the changes to the digital master (reviewing and tweaking again as I do so). It's all part of the art.

I had a chance to actually do some drawing! It was a quick piece done as a gift for my raccoony friend, rubbertexcooper. This was the result of a lazy Saturday morning and a couple of Sharpie markers. I don't make time often enough to do art stuff; I always enjoy it when I get around to it. I'm just too distracted with everything else.

Everything Else:
Had an annoying run of migraines dogging me these past couple days. Got maintenance to replace the leaky flapper valve in the apartment toilet. Trying to figure out how to complete home sale paperwork from a different state. Still looking for a good grocery store. The weather is actually pretty pleasant. The end. :)