June 22nd, 2007

Sly: Dancing w/ Carmelita

A Week Together and A Nice Dinner Out

Kit and Timothy have been up here for a week now. He's doing well and seems to be fully recovered from his earlier lung trouble. He spends an amazing amount of time eating (which therefore also involves an amazing amount of Kit's time).

Sleep has been dicey, as expected. And it may continue this way for, oh, the better part of a year. :P On Thursday I got a really bad migraine which I think was a response to the interrupted sleep of the previous two nights. My body doesn't take well to schedule shifts. But I'm much better today as Kit -- bless her! -- took care of Timothy in the other room and granted me a full night of peaceful sleep.

Tonight we went out to a nice dinner, a belated celebration of being back together. There's a lovely little place in downtown Kirkland called Lynn's Bistro. It's French cuisine with a nouvelle touch. I had slices of a beautiful pork tenderloin bathed in demiglace with a touch of passion fruit; the tangy edge cut through the sauce and complemented the pork. And then there was Kit's dessert crepe... Mmmmm....

I sometimes forget how much I enjoy a nice meal. Plus what a soft spot I have for proper French food. (And Chinese...) It's wonderful to be reminded now and then.