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June 29th, 2007

Furry Article on El Reg [Jun. 29th, 2007|03:13 pm]
About 4 months ago, I got interviewed about fursuits. Since I've got a book and website, seems I turn up as a point of contact a lot. But some other furs vouched for her and she seemed kosher, so I went for it. It looks like the piece finally turned up on, of all places, The Register (a UK IT site).

How Furry Is It?

Turned out to be not too bad, IMHO. It talks more about the social angle and the preponderance of techies in the fandom. (I guess that's the link the Reg liked.) It touches on the fetishy mischaracterization from previous coverage and generally dismisses it, which was nice to see.

For my part, the questions were mostly about what connection I personally had with "furry" and a lot of questions about making and owning fursuits. In fact, that's where the odd quote about cleaning came from... The reporter actually called me and rather apologetically asked if she could use it as a transition out of the "taboo" subject. Meh. (But she gets points for properly checking before changing the context of a quote in an article.)

This article also mentioned that a large part of the fandom is not about fursuits. This is something that gets completely left out of most articles; you get the impression furry's like an offshoot of cosplay. Despite my own fursuit-centrism, it's nice to see that fact get out there.

I keep hoping that we can slowly get some positive (or just even-handed) press for the fandom. I like to think that we can get some real information out there, even if it isn't as exciting as the "juicy" stuff they make up about us for TV shows. :P
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