September 2nd, 2007

Sly: Carmelita "Freeze"

Public Service Announcement Against Yellow

You may, at some time, choose to paint a room yellow. This is perfectly natural and certainly within your rights, assuming you're allowed to paint the room in question.

I merely ask you to consider the person that will come after you. It may not be soon, it may not be someone you know... But someday someone will want to paint the room a color other than yellow. You, being in favor of yellow interiors since you chose to paint it thus, may not understand this. Just take it on trust that someone may not want your yellowy sunshine cheeriness gouging into their eyeballs.

And they will curse your name as they spend hours trying to paint over it. Yellow, for some reason, is a really difficult color to cover. For those of us going for a neutral white tone, it takes three coats of thick latex in places. So I apply coat after coat, trying to obscure that loathsome bleached-mustard yellow that you, obviously in a moment of sightless dementia, chose to put on the walls.

Please, when you're selecting paint colors, think of those who will follow with basic white. Thank you.