September 5th, 2007

Comp Lounging

iPhones and iPods

So Apple just announced that they're producing an iPod with the iPhone's touch interface -- this, I expected. They're also getting rid of the lower-end iPhone and slashing the price on the remaining model by a third! That, at least to me, is surprising in how big of a discount it is... So I'll ask you, LJ readers, in an attempt to discover the real motivation behind this move!

Poll #1050668 iPhone: Hey, Wha Happened?

iPhone prices were cut by a third because...

Apple's vanguard products always start overpriced to milk profits
they're Apple. They just do that sort of thing.
Steve really wants to make those market share numbers by year's end.
they had to minimize price disparity versus the now-touch-enabled iPod.
other smart phones are starting to provide stiff competition.
the Zune was providing such stiff competition... no, wait...
they've secretly discontinued it and are liquidating inventory.
giant space weasels control Steve's brain!