September 26th, 2007


Recap & Sickness

Last weekend we made a trip down to see the relatives and go to the Portland Pirate Festival, which was a fun family outing. Can't say I'm hugely into the piratey gestalt but I do like a good bit of fantasy fun. And I did get to see Cap'n Bogg and Salty perform live. They do some fun tunes; if you haven't heard of them and like pirate-neuveau chanties, give 'em a listen. (My favorite tunes are "Scurvy" and "Weather Eye". They've got a music video on their site which is another place to start.)

For the record, my pirate alias is Captain Nicholas the Unsteady. What's yours? If you need help coming up with one, the Internet is standing by.

Came back and came down with a cold. Nasty head cold that's now seeping down into my lungs. So Monday I was pretty much in bed. Yesterday, I actually did some advanced shuffling around the house. Today, the hacking cough and burning throat have arrived. Ick.

Kit's pretty sure she's caught it. I don't know if Timothy will be able to dodge this one. It may be Baby's First Cold. (It's required, as new parents, that you celebrate Baby's First Everything.)
Rat: Injection

Sneezin' Surveys, Batman!

Since I've been thinking about sneezing a lot (see previous entry), I wanted to throw out my semi-sorta-monthly curiosity survey. I have Photic Sneeze Reflex but a lot of people seem to not know about it. How about you?

Poll #1061581 Photic Sneeze Reflex

Had you heard of Photic Sneeze Reflex?

Yep; I knew about it.
Nope; it's news to me.

Do you sneeze is response to sudden bright light?

Pretty consistently... *achoo*
I at least get a tingle in my nose
Not that I've noticed
What? You guys are kidding, right?