October 31st, 2007

Tardy Turtle: writer

NaNoWriMo Begins

So we begin again... That dizzying rush to create. Participating in NaNo is a lot of fun but I am going to try to reign myself in a bit this year. I've got two "wins" under my belt so I know that I can meet the challenge.

There's just a few too many things going on that need to take priority. Timothy still needs lots of love and attention. The house remodel work isn't done yet. Heck, we aren't even unpacked.

Plus, Kit still hasn't won. And this year she's got a story planned out. So I'm volunteering for extra baby duty so she can get proper writing time. To that end, I'm limiting my weekday NaNo writing time to during my commute. That gives me two half-hour slots with my laptop where I can focus on writing (if I can block out the crowd noise).

We'll see what happens. I don't really expect to "win" but I do expect to get a decent amount of writing done while not neglecting other important tasks.

So... anyone else here going to be writing?