November 26th, 2007

Mice with Sunglasses

Nano Nano

Didn't really get much writing done over the holidays, what with all the enjoyable time spent seeing family, cooking, and eating. *sigh*

So now, with my word count at 35K and the end of the month only five days away, the question stands: Should I rush to finish on the 50K goal? Should I slack off? Should I post an inane poll to see what you think?

Here's which option I chose:

Poll #1095209 Nano Endgame

Should I press on and try to make 50K?

Absolutely! You're most of the way there. Who needs sleep?
Just keep writing and get as far as you get. 50K is arbitrary.
Don't bother. Go back to editing your other manuscript or working on fursuits.
I don't particularly care. You're the one who signed up. Now stop nattering on about it.
Weasels. Fifty thousand weasels.