March 31st, 2008

Bear: grumpy

Pre-April Post

We're almost up to that non-beloved holiday: Don't Bother To Read LiveJournal Day.

I've never really understood April Fool's Day. Maybe I'm just not a prank sort of person. Maybe it's the fact that most "pranks" seem to consist of unamusing one-dimensional fabrications.

Why invent things when reality offers us such wonderful weirdness as this Tokyo fashion show featuring a furry theme?

In fact, let's have some fun with video games. Here's the 30 Dumbest Video Game Names. Most of them are simply flat-out bizarre. If you want to move into the realm of fictional games, consider using the Video Game Name Generator. Some people have taken it as inspiration and gone on to make games that live up to the random titles. A case of life immitating art immitating life?

Thanks to porsupah for a bunch of those links.