April 25th, 2008


Update and News Bits

As for me, I've been busy with work for the past couple weeks, leaving little time to post to or even read LJ. Free time has gone towards writing or working on house projects. (I won't try to describe the thrill of laying attic flooring in this short post.)

So instead of more from me, here are some random
News Bits

  • The Pheonix Lander made a minor course correction as it approaches Mars. It's set to touch down a month from today!

  • In stranger NASA news, there's a really nice story of Duct Tape and Moon Dust on the Apollo missions. As a side note, lunar dust apparently smells like gunpowder. Not that the moon is explosive, it's just a chemical relative and tickles our noses in the same way.

  • You know those stories of people that have a hundred cats and their house it a complete mess? Well, it happens with pet rats, too. The good news is that the owner's getting help and they've stopped poisoning the rats. They're now trapping them and trying to adopt them, since they are domesticated.

  • One of the stranger CNN headlines I've seen for a while: "First the man-cave, then cross-dressing". It's a rather amusing little piece and not nearly as edgy as the title sounds.