April 30th, 2008


HTML / Web2.0 Reading Recommendations

I haven't done much with website construction over the years. At work, though, I'm starting to get more involved in some front-end stuff.

My HTML skills are from back before there was a div tag, you see. I know a bit about div and CSS stuff, though I'm sketchy on the semantic details. I know how AJAX works in theory but wouldn't know how to start building it.

I'm specifically not interested in editing tools. I need to be able to hand-code this stuff or, more accurately, code-generate it. I want the technical details.

What I'm hoping you can help with is some reading recommendations. Can you point me towards books or (preferably) websites that provide some good learning materials? I'm not asking because info on this topic is hard to find but because a good introductory presentation of it is. Surely you guys have some favorites to share?

Much thanks!