May 17th, 2008

Ratatouille: Blissful

Birthdays Followup

I never did put up a post after we got back from Portland and the Festival of Many Birthdays.

Timothy's party was great, thanks to the selfless efforts of my sister-in-law who organized it and provided the sacrificial living room. The party had a Ratatouille theme (not my idea, honest!) so I brought Remy along to be a surprise guest. Timothy loves fursuits (yay!) and his cousins also had fun with the giant rat.

Timothy got a passel of presents, including many books. Even though he's not reading yet, he enjoys flipping through books.

We also went out to celebrate my and Kit's birthdays. We went to a pirate-themed bar and restaurant, Salvador Molly's. It was a little place but the food was excellent. Quite a mix of world cuisines from the middle latitudes.

Special thanks also to shalora and twigmouse for going out of their way to meet up for some fun.