June 29th, 2008


Fatherhood Notes

We've got a new bedtime routine that seems to be working out pretty well. It's part of an attempt to get Timothy to stop nursing when he's going to sleep, one of the common sticking points on weaning.

Now we start with a bath. This is mom's province. We've already acquired a variety of little cups, sponges, and animal toys, to the point where Timothy appears to be bathing in toy industry flotsam.

I swoop in with the towel at the end of bath time and whisk him off to get his pajamas. I then attempt to brush his teeth while he attempts to let me brush the first tooth only. I didn't expect competitive speed brushing to be part of the routine but that's our current detente. We then have the ritual fiddling with the lightswitches, Timothy's latest gadgetary obsession, as we turn off (and on, and off) all the lights on the walk back to the bedroom.

Finally, it's into bed. There's usually still a short burst of crying, especially if he feels that he wasn't really tired enough. While he's in his crib, I read stories to him.

This is the latest part of the routine and it's something that I enjoy. He's too young to really follow the stories but I think he enjoys hearing my voice and it helps him drift off to sleep. Sometimes it takes a while... an hour or so. On the good nights, though, it's only ten minutes.

Last night, we just finished The Wind in the Willows. Tonight, we got through the opening chapters of Watership Down.

Hey, he doesn't mind too much what the stories are, so I'm going to pick some fun furry novels that I know I'll enjoy. :) I need more practice at doing all the different voices, though.